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Healing Thoughts Guided Journal

Healing Thoughts Guided Journal

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Learn how to navigate through life’s pain and suffering towards a place of healing, peace and acceptance, with Intrinsic’s Healing Thoughts Guided Journal to help you build resilience, change your perception, and find a sense of meaning in whatever adversity you face in life.

In soothing pastel hues of mint green, amethyst purple + lemon yellow, the A5 sized, hardcover journal immediately uplifts with an inspirational Adèle Basheer quote, peaceful floral patterning, and shimmering gold foil.

What's a Guided Journal you may ask? We've created this themed journal to help you with your journaling, with a combination of blank pages, questions to answer, journaling prompts, motivational messages, mini-activities, advice, ideas, and monthly reflection questions to assist you on your healing journey.

Read more below to discover what else is inside.

Whats inside your journal:

When you peek inside this restorative journal, you’ll find three tabbed sections featuring guided questions, journaling prompts, motivational messages, advice and ideas, to help you face your challenges in order to discover what wisdom lies beneath the hardship.

  • Let in the Light - these pages are filled with questions prompting you to remember your joys in life (even when times are tough), face your fears, and show you mindfulness tools such as meditation and practicing gratitude.

  • Healing Journey - a daily journal filled with blank pages to get out your deepest thoughts, feelings and worries, to open up, let go and find your way.

Monthly Insights - keep track of your monthly progress with guided questions to help you reflect on your healing journey.


Life is unpredictable, and we never know when adversity or challenging situations will get thrown our way. But when this happens, it's our capacity to strive, thrive and survive that will carry us beyond pain and suffering, towards a healing state.

Inside every obstacle lies an opportunity to face our challenges and hurt, as a way of moving forward in life. So if you're facing a crisis or encountering any of the below difficulties, our journal is here to help you get through the rough.

    • An illness or injury

    • Losing a job or business

    • A breakup, separation or divorce

    • The death of a friend or family member

    • Caring for a loved one

    • Moving to another city

    • Financial loss

    • Experiencing a natural disaster

    • Dealing with depression or anxiety

    • Any other personal tragedy or hardship

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